Get Involved
“Why should I be involved?”

You will get access to Roadmapping tools.

You will be able to create personal or institutional portfolios of TEL Roadmaps.

You will increase the adoption and use of your project outcomes, working with us to discover potential adopters, their areas of work and the uses they have for TEL.

You will meet leading European and international experts as well as have the opportunity to expose your work and views to a global audience.

As a TEL producer you will be able to align your communication and dissemination strategy in order to match the interests and directions of the key adopters of your products.

As a TEL adopter you will be part of an awareness-raising effort and be able to locate producers who share your views and priorities for TEL.

Global visibility:

Through TEL-Map you will be able to contribute to the success of EU investments in technology enhanced learning. A greater adoption of new ideas, global visibility and impact will result from the Awareness-raising and Global Leadership campaign, as well as from the Mapping and Roadmapping strand of the project. Via the TEL-Map portal we will provide a single point of access to sources of information for European TEL, capturing, externalizing, aggregating and contrasting the views of different TEL stakeholder communities.