TEL-Map Objectives
Mind the Map: Building foresight capacity

Pan European Observatory for Innovation

The ultimate goal of TEL is innovation leading to new forms of learning. TEL‑Map will establish a pan-European TEL Observatory that functions as an alerting system for innovation, scanning for relevant emerging trends and events, empowering all engaged in TEL to build a multidimensional understanding of the crossroads and choose their best way forward.

Mind the Map: Building foresight capacity

We will map, compare and make sense of key emerging research and technology developments and their novel uses impacting on the Roadmaps and desired futures of TEL stakeholders. We will investigate:

  • What the strong and weak signals are
  • What the knowledge gaps are
  • What the major different visions for the future are

We will build a platform for collaborative Roadmapping, which enables transparent assessment of TEL by different stakeholder groups. We will do this by using different approaches, different starting points, different interests and motives thus providing multidimensional views of stakeholders’ visions of the future and alternative ways to reach them. We will work with TEL stakeholders to help them create and dynamically update their roadmaps and coordinate their development activities.

Overarching aim:

To help establish a world-leading position for European TEL by improving the quality of learning, while exploring ways via Roadmapping to reach this objective in effective and efficient ways.

TEL it like it is:

Discover the impact that has already been made by past TEL projects. Reveal their adoption and use, and highlight their results. Discover the forces enhancing or blocking adoption and use of TEL.

Ways of working:

We will establish a common platform that enables an ongoing dialogue, and together with a wide range of stakeholders in TEL we will explore desired futures, analyse gaps and build roadmaps to help stakeholders articulate these futures and move forward.